Thank you to everyone who has kindly responded to our NHS super-humans appeal. So far your donations have made a huge difference. As a result, we have provided NHS frontline staff with free food and drinks from our onsite shop. We also approved a grant to the hospital nursery for equipment. The nursery cares for the children of key workers at Charing Cross Hospital, so that they can carry on working at this crucial time.

We had to close our shop last month because the volunteers who run it are no longer allowed to enter the Hospital. We are delighted to let you know that today we started the transformation of our shop. It has now been converted into a vital supply base for NHS workers in the hospital. They need sustenance and rest after their long shifts and do not have the time to queue for hours in the supermarkets to do their shopping. We are working in conjunction with Imperial Health Charity to keep our shop stocked throughout this very demanding time. This will ensure our NHS staff get the essential items they need, when they need them.

With your help, we can continue to gift supplies to our very deserving frontline workers. Our superheroes are putting in superhuman efforts to take care of us every single day, so let’s look after them in return.

Please donate to our NHS super-humans appeal here. Every pound donated will go directly to support our staff and patients.

Thank you