This month of May Friends of Charing Cross Hospital is joining #skincancerawarenessmonth and will help disseminating information about the most common type of cancer in the UK. We are joining the many organisations leading campaigns on this topic, including The Skin Cancer Foundation, British Skin Foundation, HealthHero and many more other organisations committed to providing information to raise awareness and prevent skin cancer.

Skin Cancer Awareness Month, also known as Melanoma Awareness Month is a yearly event that aims to raise awareness about the dangers of too much exposure to the sun and how to protect your skin. UV rays from the sun are one of the main causes of skin cancer, and so it is really important to educate people about how to protect themselves when spending time in the sun. Another aim of the event is to teach people how to check their skin for signs of melanoma, and to encourage that people do this regularly. This is important because skin cancer is very treatable when caught early!