Images and quotes from patients at the Imperial Stroke Centre and on the Lady Skinner Ward 2012-2015. You can also take a look at all the fantastic artwork here. 

‘How inspiring to see images from inside my Granddad’s mind. These are things he never would have communicated to us verbally. Priceless pictures – we shall cherish them!’ Patient’s granddaughter 2013

“Painting has kept me occupied” – Patient on the Lady Skinner Ward 2014

”Art calms my nerves” – Patient on the Lady Skinner Ward 2013

”Art is important for the healing process” – Patient’s wife

”It is brilliant what you are doing here, my father enjoys drawing and it is the first time he has painted, thank you” – Patient’s daughter

“I would have been sleeping all day but instead I’m enjoying myself creating art” Patient on the Lady Skinner Ward 2014

“When I draw pictures they appear automatically, I find it relaxing” 2014

“It’s not bad for my first painting”

“I find painting relaxing” – Patient on the Lady Skinner Ward 2015
“When I was young my teacher told me I had a talent for art but then he did only have one eye” –  Patient on the Lady Skinner Ward 2015

“I want to continue painting at home” – Patient on the Lady Skinner Ward 2015
“You’ve ignited something in our mother, she wants to continue painting. We’ve been waiting for this moment” – Patient’s daughters 2015

“I paint from imagination and I love the colours” – Patient on the Lady Skinner Ward 2014

“I loose my pain in the painting” – Patient on the Lady Skinner Ward 2015

“The day started bad and then it turned into a lovely day, thank you for coming” – Patient on the Lady Skinner Ward 2015

“It’s wonderful what you offer! My wife hasn’t complained about her pain during the time she’s been painting, it’s wonderful and I’m sure she’ll continue at home” – Patient’s husband 2015

“I so much enjoyed all your thoughts and inspirations about art, and how it can enliven people. Long may it go on” – Patient’s Niece

 “I’m proud of my painting” – Stroke patient 2015

“I’ll give painting a go, I’m determined, if I set myself a goal, I’ll reach it” Thank you, I’ve enjoyed this very much!” – Stroke patient 2015

’I haven’t laughed this much for a long time’ – Stroke patient 2013

’Medicine will do nothing without a positive attitude and drive’ – Stroke patient 2013

 “Thank you for bringing out the painter in me” – Stroke patient 2013

 “I didn’t feel myself until I found myself drawing again“ – Stroke Patient 2013

‘We are not all talented but we can try!’ – Stroke patient 2012

“I like horses and Ascot, a place where you see beautiful ladies in high heels and big hats” – Stroke patient 2012

“Lovely, I didn’t know this day would be so much fun, It has been a nice break from assessments, word exercises and therapy, it’s been heaven and I can advertise it to anyone” – Stroke patient 2012

The clay is good. It helps my mobility in the affected hand”– Stroke patient 2012

”This painting reminds me of back home in Grenada, a place close to my heart” 

“I’ve enjoyed painting, it’s kept me occupied and I have even received commissions from fellow patients – Stroke patient 2013

“The Evidence was great. It made me appreciate art and how little things can become a big part of ones’ life” –Feedback from Stroke Support Group on 20th of February 2014

”Mum drew and wrote messages in the cards and was very motivated after your session. She felt like an artist. She hasn’t stopped talking about her painting and shows everyone! Thank you” – Daughter of Stroke patient

”I feel happy when I’m painting” – Stroke patient 2014

“Thank you, I’ve enjoyed painting and you’ve shown me that I’m able to do something with my left affected hand” – Stroke patient 2015


Please visit our gallery and take a look at some of the brilliant art works created by the patients.